How to set a daily maximum amount for a detention type

Each detention type can be set up with a daily maximum limit, to restrict the number of times a detention type can be awarded each day.

To apply a daily maximum amount to a detention type click on the three lines menu and select School settings from the list of available options

Next, click on Detentions on the left hand side and select Detention types.

You will be presented with a list of the detention types available at your school. Click on the pencil icon to begin editing the detention type.

The Edit detention type menu will be displayed. Tick the checkbox labelled Maximum number of detention type in one day.

Enter a value into the field that appears. This number indicates the number of times that the detention type can be awarded before reaching the dailiy limit.

Click the OK button at the bottom of the Edit detention type menu to save your changes.

From this point onwards, the detention type can only be awarded a certain amount of times per day. If the limit is reached, the staff member awarding the detention will see the popup warning shown below.

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