How to create wellbeing alerts

Once wellbeing trackers have been set up in your school, you can automatically inform members of staff when certain wellbeing criteria have been met.

Please note: Only users with the Wellbeing permission will be able to receive wellbeing alerts.

To create wellbeing alerts, click on the three lines menu and select School Settings from the list of available options.

Next, click on the Wellbeing tab from the left hand side menu.

You will be presented with the five wellbeing faces along with a list of available wellbeing trackers in your school. To create a wellbeing alert, click on the pencil icon next to the wellbeing tracker of your choice. Alternatively, you can create a wellbeing alert for when a tracker is not selected.

The Edit Wellbeing Alert popup will appear, allowing you to select which users and scores should trigger the alert, along with who to notify once the wellbeing alert has been triggered.

Click on the OK button once you are happy with your choices

When a wellbeing submission is recorded that meets the wellbeing alert's criteria, the selected staff members will receive an email notification.

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