How to set up homework file submissions

There may be times where it is necessary to collect documents from pupils when they have completed their homework. Class Charts provides you with the option to set up homework tasks where pupils can upload file submissions.

By default, a pupil can upload a maximum of five files for each homework task. To change this upload limit for your school , please contact us.

To enable homework file submissions at your school, click on the three lines menu in the top right hand corner of the page and select School settings from the list of available options.

Next, select Homework from the menu on the left hand side.

You will be presented with a list of settings that control how the homework module works. Set Allow students to upload homework through pupil app to Enabled.


Setting up a homework task to allow homework file submissions

To set up a homework task to allow homework file submissions from pupils, start by entering the class you wish to set homework for.

Next, click on the Homework tab along the top of the page.

The homework sidebar will appear on the Set homework tab, where homework tasks are published and assigned to pupils. To allow homework file submissions, tick the checkbox labelled Allow pupils to upload homework.

Once you have set up your homework task, click on the Publish homework task button to make it available to pupils.

Pupils will now see an option to upload homework files when they view a homework tasks in more detail.

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