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How to set timetable notes in class

If your school uses Wonde or Xporter on Demand (XoD) as an integration partner with SIMS, you can leave notes on scheduled lessons in your timetable. Pupils will see timetable notes in their pupil accounts, making it useful for providing updates about the lesson.

To set a timetable note within your class, click on the Classes tab along the top of the page and click on the Start button for the class of your choice.

You will be presented with the class view page for your selected lesson, where pupils are displayed in their set seats. Click on the Timetable button.

You will be presented with the Timetable popup shown below. Select the lesson period of your choice and click on the OK button to continue.

Next, enter your timetable note into the text area provided. Click on the OK button to continue.

A confirmation popup will appear, indicating that the timetable note has been successfully added to the scheduled lesson.

Pupils can now access the note in the timetable section of their pupil accounts.

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