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How to use an On-Report card

Once an On-Report card has been set up, staff members at your school can being updating it each period.

To update an On-Report card, click on the pupil card of your choice.

The pupil sidebar will appear with your school’s available behaviours present. Click on the tab labelled On-Report Card.

The pupil's On Report card will be displayed, listing each of the pupil's assigned targets. Depending on how the On-Report card was set up, either select a value from the drop down menu or click on the - icon for the displayed session / lesson.


Leaving a comment on an On-Report card

Once you have updated the On-Report card for the current session / lesson, you can provide additional information with a comment.

To leave a comment, click on the speech bubble icon.

The Edit comment popup will appear. Enter information regarding the target into the text area provided and click on the OK button to continue.

The speech bubble icon will then become green, to indicate that a comment has been added.

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