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How to grade homework with a mark scheme

If you have set up a homework task to use a homework mark scheme, you will be able to grade each pupil's homework when marking homework submissions.

To grade a homework task that uses a mark scheme, start by entering the class you wish to grade homework for.

Next, click on the Homework tab along the top of the page.

The homework sidebar will appear on the Set homework tab, where homework tasks are published and assigned to pupils. Click on the View homework tab.

You will be presented with a list of previously published homework tasks. Click on the Pupils icon for a homework task that has a mark sheet applied.

You will then be presented with a list of pupils in the class that have been assigned to the homework task. Depending on the mark scheme that the homework task has applied, you must either select a value from the drop down menu provided or enter a value from 0 - 100.

Your changes will be saved automatically. You can view the graded homework task on the End of Class report, by ticking the Display marks checkbox.

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